Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spark's Spark (or "My Little Poppy")

Hi To Anyone who happens to stumble across this blog. I hope it's worth the time it takes for you to read it.

I'm sort of new to blogging. I have a blog on my company's website (www.sparkcenters.com), but my wife, Tina, says it's not a real blog because: 1. None of my blogs are dated; 2. There is no running commentary (the way the website is set up, I have to delete old posts to put in new posts -- I know next to nothing about computers (in case you hadn't already guessed that), and I was told this was the way it was done. . .); and most importantly 3. no one can comment on anything I posted.

I guess she's right.

What do I blog about? Well, I work at Spark Development, a learning center that works with individuals that have attention, learning and behavior issues. Tina and I also raised a son who recovered from ADHD, ODD and PDD. So, a lot of what I write about deals with raising kids, and learning and behavior disorders like ADD, ADHD, ASD, etc. I also post about potential causes and treatments of such issues -- so, yes, you'll read stuff about vaccines, and nutrition, and exercise etc.

I'm also a frustrated writer (i.e., non-published). I wrote a book about how Tina and I were able to help our son recover from his issues, but I guess we were a bit ahead of our time. I wrote a bunch of children's stories (one of which is on the Spark Development website -- publishers fishing the net for new, undiscovered talent, feel free to check it out and get back to me ...), and I've started an action adventure story for the pre-teen group. (No, it's not a Harry Potter rip-off).

So, if you're still with me, and will indulge me, I'm going to put some of the stuff I wrote for my website blog here, and I'll be adding each week. I'd love to hear from anyone about this stuff.


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