Thursday, February 16, 2012

"New" Research Indicates that Fish Oil May Be Beneficial To Mental Health

I'm sorry for sounding like a broken record, but, when i read an article like "Fish Oil's Mental Health Link,
" (Newsday 2/16/12 At A14), I have to wonder exactly how deeply buried in the sand are the heads of those in the "mainstream" science world.

"There is some preliminary data that suggests [fish oil] has success in treating a variety of psychiatric disorders, but we're just beginning to do a lot of the formal studies," states Dr. Barbara Cornblatt of the Feinstein Institute for the Medical Research.

Funny, the nutritionist that worked with Robert some fifteen (15) years ago knew all this.  And, what about the Lancet article that looked at the effect of essential fatty acids (fish oil) on cognitive development that was written in 1998?  Indeed, there are many article about the benefits of fish oil and mental health and abilities.

Indeed, if anyone is truly interested, I invite you to contact Tina Stevens, our nutrition consultant, at the center.

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